Influencers have a huge advantage in 2017…

That advantage is a little thing called the internet. You can reach anyone at any time and anywhere because of wifi and social media. With the right strategy and talent, you can become a recognized talent far faster than any of the bloggers who paved the way for us a decade ago.

Opportunity is all around you; it’s a matter of becoming educated on what’s out there, using and maximizing those resources, and applying them to your brand. If you’re still not sure if #bloglife is for you, take a look at what else the digital world has to offer:

Unlimited resources

Digital resources like YouTube, Azalle, and many other enable you to learn any skill you want. There is literally something for everyone online.

The perfect InDesign course for aspiring influencers is only one click away. Want to know what camera to use for YouTube videos? There are hundreds of thousands of blog posts all about it. And don’t worry about finding the perfect aesthetic for your Instagram feed, there are apps with hundreds of filters to choose from.

You name it. The internet has it. You can be as specific or general as you want and rest assured, you will find just what you’re looking for.

Social media makes the impossible possible

Before the days of social media, blog post promotion was confined to hoping people would stumble upon your blog online and follow your journey. Now, you write a blog post, Tweet about it, Instagram it, Pin it, share it on Facebook, and Snapchat it, and before you know it, you’ve reached the masses.

Social media allows you to connect and collaborate with people you never would have known existed prior. It also allows you to be discovered by people who never would have known you. With the right person liking, commenting, or sharing your content, it could put you on the map for success. And all you need is talent, strategy, and hustle to make it happen.

Social media today is essentially word of mouth on a much larger scale. If someone likes you, they talk about you on social media and if they don’t, they also talk about it on social media. The point is, you’re being talked about, shared, and recognized, which proves that the reach influencers can have on social media is perpetual.

You can sell anything to anyone online

It never started out this way, but most influencers have blogs that turn into businesses. When they see the power of social media mixed with the perfect solution to what their readers want, it’s a recipe for success.

Once your blog blows up, selling goods or services online without a physical storefront and physical inventory ready for purchase is even more possible. Today (again thanks to the internet), there are so many ways to sell your products/services through eCommerce sites like Etsy, Tictail, eBay, Shopify, and Poshmark.

By 2020, there will be 5.2 billion people online. That’s 5.2 billion people who will eventually shop online. There are no limits to who your product or service can reach. And if you want to reach those people, you can do so by targeting specific audiences with Facebook and Instagram ads.

As long as someone has access to the internet and a credit card, they can be a potential customer of yours.

Influencer marketing is HUGE

Traditional advertising outlets like commercials and celebrity endorsements are slowly but surely fading. Consumers want to see real people in real situations they can relate to, like getting ready for work, traveling, and shopping. Brands are recognizing this and paying for influencers of all caliber to “act natural” using their products or services. Influencer marketing extends far beyond fashion and beauty products. Airlines, hotels, and restaurants are taking advantage of the opportunity for exposure too.

Consumers don’t want to see some tacky commercial for toothpaste on a clearly staged set with a bunch of actors. They are going to buy from people they know and trust and right now – those people are influencers.

The truth is influencer marketing is less invasive than being forced to see something you have no desire seeing in the first place -like traditional commercials or magazine ads. You buy a magazine for the content not the advertisements and influencer marketing gives you both of those things in a more organic way.

… and that’s just the beginning! The opportunities are only going to get bigger and better, so become an influencer today. What are you waiting for?

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