Influencers’ jobs aren’t just to create beautiful content. Their job is to make themselves a recognizable brand in the industry.

Today, an influencer’s goal is to have every piece of content branded so well that there’s no questioning who it belongs to. When readers see a picture floating around on Pinterest, they automatically know it is the said influencer. That is branding at its finest.

Defining your brand also means you become the go-to source of information and inspiration in your niche. For example, influencers who put themselves in a broad category, such as “lifestyle blogger”, won’t be as sought after or have an audience that is as targeted as someone who considers themselves a denim blogger. However you choose to position yourself in the digital space, you want to stay within those walls (at least in the beginning) so you can really make a household name for yourself. And there are 4 ways to do that…

Keep your name consistent.

Influencers who have a clearly defined brand have kept their name consistent throughout the years. Their blog URL matches their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube handle, which allows followers to become familiar with his/her brand name.

When you brand your name consistently across any public platform, you’re doing yourself a huge favor. In fact, how often do you refer to a blogger by his/her blog name versus their actual name? You may not even know the blogger’s real name! While this isn’t necessarily the goal, it’s certainly better than having your readers confused as to what name you go by. Consistency across the board is key.

Pick an aesthetic that reflects your style.

Typically, an influencer’s aesthetic is a reflection of his/her personal style (personality and otherwise). So for an influencer who is bubbly and colorful to go with an aesthetic that is simple and muted doesn’t necessarily work. However, a more introverted, minimalist influencer may go with a black and white theme which is “on brand” and parallel to their personalities and style.

Establishing an aesthetic is crucial to your brand’s survival. Without it, you won’t be memorable. And if you’re not memorable you’re easily replaceable, which is not a good thing in the world of influencing.

Your aesthetic is also what drives other brands to and away from your business. Brands want to stay “on brand” just as much as influencers do, so they’re always seeking bloggers who align with their voice and style. And if you don’t have a strong aesthetic, you better get one quick!

define your blog as a brand

Work with like-minded brands.

Similar to working with brands that are aesthetically on the same page as you, you want to work with brands that are related to your niche in some way, shape, or form. For example, if a fashion blogger collaborates with a cookware company, that may not resonate with the influencer’s followers because they follow that person for fashion not cooking.

On the other hand, if a travel blogger is approached by a luggage company, that is a collaboration that makes sense since that blogger’s target market are people who are interested in travel. When you stay on par with your specific niche, you create a demand for your services from both potential consumers and clients. Consumers want to know about things you know about (whether it be a new luggage brand or your favorite airline) and clients (other brands) want the attention you have from your followers.

Therefore, you want to stay within your area of expertise when working with brands. This builds trust with your followers, which attracts brands because they want the reach you have. The best way to maintain your brand integrity is by working with companies that you already believe in/would work with even if you weren’t getting paid.

Find your voice.

Every influencer tells their story differently. Some are conservative, some are colorful, and some are just simple and to the point. Finding your voice takes time and exploration – really it’s ever changing. But the sooner you establish how you’re going to build a relationship with your followers, the better.

You ultimately want your voice to flow so nothing feels forced when speaking to your audience. Brands won’t appreciate pretentious acts and neither will your followers (or there lack of). You will only gain followers if you’re able to communicate with them in an authentic and relatable manner. And the best way to do is this is to be yourself. Your voice should reflect how you really speak. You should only be formal if you actually speak formally and likewise, you should only be vibrant and colorful if that’s how you really are in person.

Staying true to who you are is the best and most cliche advice in the blogosphere to date, but it’s so true. When you continue to hone in on who you are and the specific services you offer that set you apart from the rest, your blog will transform into an unshakable brand.


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