Sometimes your media kit is the make-it or break-it factor when it comes to partnering with brands.

Your media kid should outline the key facts about your blog while showing off your greatest work and personality (your voice and aesthetic). It also communicates what sets you apart from everyone else. This is why it’s so important for you to fill its pages with style and finesse while still keeping it concise. Remember that a media kit helps you sell yourself regardless of whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers – yet, it’s still surprises us how influencers often overlook key pieces of information potential sponsors are looking for. Here are the top 5 things you’re probably missing in your media kit:

Your Photo

While environmental photos and creative portraits look great on a blog, you want to include an image that shows your face clearly – especially one where your eyes are visible. People tend to have a better connection when they see you, so let this be your opportunity to look inviting, friendly, and fun to work with!

Call to Action

First, provide the list of services you offer, and then let brands and potential sponsors know what their next steps are. Tell them how they can get in touch with you be it through email or your social handles. If you have someone else managing your collaborations, include the name and contact info of that person.


Statistics and descriptions are obviously important. However, not everyone has numbers to speak to – and luckily, like a blog, no one will want to browse a media kit that’s strictly laden with words. You’re not writing a novel, so don’t be afraid to add a dash of enthusiasm to your media kit by injecting it with photos from your blog or previous brand collaborations. Pick ONLY your best work when doing so! Having a visual media kit lets potential sponsors know what kind of assets you can produce for them. Why not give them the chance to visualize their product/service in photo form in your aesthetic?!

Notable Features

One of your strongest selling points can be showing potential sponsors the kinds of collaborations you’ve participated in previously. This industry is pretty small, so by you showcasing and calling out those brands, they’ll get a better sense of how well they fit into your circle. It’ll also help them feel more confident and comfortable investing in you. Note that influencer collaborations are still pretty new in this industry, so your client list can be the impetus to move forward with a really cool project.

PDF Version

This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but always send your media kit in PDF format. It ensures that your potential sponsors will see your media kit exactly as you intend for them to. You save yourself the headache of strange formatting, overlapping words or images, and changing fonts. PDF is the industry standard!

For more on building an impressive media kit from scratch, sign up for a Zanita’s media kit course on Azalle!