I wear quite a few hats and travel frequently, so it’s difficult to describe any one day of my life as “typical”.

I do regularly spend a lot of time at my computer and attending meetings, so any given day will be a jumble of tasks and hustling around.

9am: Wake-up! Then Coffee.

ditl-azalle-7I’m a bit jet-lagged this week so getting out of bed in the morning is a bit of a struggle. It’s my favourite part of the day though, because it’s when my dog, Wallace, is most affectionate. He’s my little sunshine!

Travelling almost consistently the last 8 months has thrown me in a loop, and I’m just getting settled in a new apartment here in New York. I’m looking forward to nailing down my morning routine – big plans for regular exercise (hello pilates!) and a decent coffee machine set-up in my kitchen.





10.30am: Emails, emails, emails…

Emails are the bane of my existence but also the most important part of my work because communicating is how you make the jobs happen! Many of my clients are based in locations all around the world so waking up and addressing emails received overnight is a must. In true New Yorker style, I picked up a bagel and a coconut water to get fired up for the day.


zanita x azalle11.30am: Uber to my first meeting.

I’m a little embarrassed at how often I travel by Uber. Unfortunately in this circumstance, using public transportation is going to cost me quite a bit of time and I’m already pushing being late to my meeting!

I’m wearing matching velvet coat and trousers – I call it my Disco Power suit. It’s amazing how the right kind of outfit can give you that little extra bit of confidence.



12:00pm: Meeting with a colleague.

I made my lunch meeting right on time! We’re discussing all things Azalle and deciding how courses should be structured and how we can best improve them.

We’re also chatting about what comes next for me as a teacher… a modelling course OR a step-by-step guide on creating your own editorial. Watch this space!


ditl-azalle-52:00pm: Walking home

Today, I opt to work out of office because I’m attending an event in just a few hours and will need to leave from home. NYC is a great city to walk around; there’s always something interesting to see and plenty of great fodder for Instagram posts.

I loved this advertisement (actually for a dating app, but I cut that part out) for its light feminist angle. It’s a hot topic and a personal cause of mine. It’s great to find content for social media that says a little more than just “Wow pretty!”. In a saturated social landscape, your voice should be as original and poignant as it can possibly be.


ditl-azalle-43.00pm: Office/Cafe

I head home and get changed, then spent the last part of my day enjoying what seems to be the world’s largest coconut donut (everything is bigger in the USA!) and working from my local cafe.

That entails the usual emails, research on projects, editing imagery, and making plans with my team.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get all the tasks done… Sometimes I wish I had two of me to get it all covered. I’m getting better at prioritising, but it’s a constant juggling act.

ditl-azalle-66:00pm: Event and home!

The last part of my day is spent at an event for a beauty brand along with my room mate, Chloe, who happens to be a blogger and a beauty editor.

Attending these events is a great way to meet potential collaborators and clients, and of course, nurturing existing work relationships. Typically, they are a lot of fun too! Here’s a snap of Chloe and me on some swings wrapped in real lavender. Such a fragrant ride – and an interesting story to contribute to social media.

A bloggers work is never done! – Zanita