Margo & Me’s Jenny Cipoletti is undoubtedly an industry game changer for her specific and business-minded approach to blogging.

Jenny started her blog in 2012 to take a break from the demanding fashion PR industry and showcase her outfits while enrolled in a fashion design program. She eventually hit a dead end that had her starving for more. That all changed when she took a trip to Paris with her now husband and business partner, Fred Cipoletti. After returning home, she strategized and built the brand and aesthetic of Margo & Me, taking the blog full time in 2014. She’s since worked with brands many of us can only dream of like Dior, Cartier, Tory Burch, and more!

Here, we’ll dive into the top branding tips that propelled Jenny into the branding expert and tastemaker she is today.

#1 Recognize that YOUR brand exists.

Everyone has a brand no matter how young (or old) you are and whether or not it’s intentional. You need to identify the best representation of yourself through digital and be sure that everything you’re sharing truly represents who you are. For instance, if you want to be a budget-friendly style blogger, it would feel very disconnected to see you use services that sell luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.

#2 Become hyper self-aware.

Know your strengths and admit your weaknesses. Learning to better understand your choices and behaviors enable you to create your ideal brand and become the person you want to be. If you can identify your weak points, you’ll be able to seek the right people and resources to improve yourself in those aspects, which in turn allow you to focus on what you do best.

top branding tips with jenny cipoletti

#3 Plan, analyze, & mood board.

Use references to help you achieve a certain aesthetic. If you pay close attention to the things you’re naturally drawn to, you’ll find that they’re not random – they all have a common tone running through them. Jenny loves Pinterest and joked consistently throughout the course creation process how it is her best friend.

#4 Stay focused.

Take time to reflect on what makes you special. Break down your ideal image into a few keywords, and then decide how you’re going to turn those keywords into emotions through your copy, imagery, typography, and color scheme. Above all, you must be consistent – not only in sharing, but in your aesthetic and fashion choices. If your concept doesn’t light up your own eyes, it won’t impress anyone else either.

#5 Use social media to connect strategically.

Deciding what to share and which platforms to use all depend on what you are most comfortable with and what makes sense. It’s really important to share content that has a flow and creates a story (whatever that story is) instead of having a random feed of what you might be doing in the moment. It can end up feeling disconnected quickly. It’s no longer relevant repeat yourself across all social media outlets. You need to create differentiation across your channels, which Jenny has mastered by creating conversations and incentivizing action.

If you haven’t seen Jenny’s branding course, you’re missing out. Her unique approach to blogging will certainly put you at the forefront.

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