There’s always a lot of buzz predicting the collapse of the influencer industry, but 2016 proved to be a huge year, and we’re confident 2017 will be even stronger.

For years, we only knew brands to work primarily with mega-influencers, and it made sense given their celebrity status, influence, and reach. However, these same brands meandered from the familiar in 2016 and turned their eyes to micro-influencers. What makes micro-influencers so attractive is their loyal niche following and ability to produce the same high-quality content as mega-influencers. If you’re a micro-influencer, here’s what you need to know:

Micro-influencers are recognized as experts in their niche.

As the name suggests, micro-influencers have an impactful, but smaller following (as little as 1,000). Brands and PR firms now recognize how passionate micro-influencers are about their respective niche, and see the value they add to those who seek them. This smaller following equates to loyal fans who trust them and often results in higher conversion.

We know that the larger the following, the less personal relationships can become. This gives micro-influencers an edge because they have proven their ability to forge one-on-one relationships, engaging personally with their followers and getting them involved. If you’re a micro-influencer, this makes you an ideal target for working with brands.

Actively connect with brands on social media.

Brands are paying far more attention to micro-influencers than you think they are. This means you need to make yourself visible by tagging them on Instagram or using their hashtags, writing SEO-friendly blog posts, and engaging with them over Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and all of social media. By doing so, micro-influencers allow themselves the opportunity to be “featured” on other brand’s channels. Brand reps are also known to reach out for partnerships directly once they recognize and value a micro-influencer’s content.


Build a media kit no matter how small your numbers are.

Media kits aren’t only for mega-influencers, and they don’t have to be entirely numbers focused (although larger numbers provide more leverage). Think about what sets you apart from other influencers – is it your bright, crisp visuals? Your snappy, witty copy? Your ability to generate clicks and convert? There are a lot more value-added capabilities you can emphasize outside of numbers. Dissect what that looks like for you and compile it into a media kit so that you can share it with brands who inquire. Also, don’t be afraid to pitch to brands – your media kit will make you appear more professional.

Maximize video content even if you think no one will watch.

Now is the time for video – that means it’s time to sign up for YouTube. It’s no secret when we say mega-influencers lead the pack. If you haven’t noticed, almost everyone has shifted towards video content – and there’s good reason why. Mega-influencers have more resources and insider connections compared to micro-influencers. If they’ve latched onto something new, you should probably make the move too. Don’t wait until you’re comfortable speaking in front of a camera. We encourage you to make the jump and course-correct along the way. Start here with Sonya Esman or Chloe Morello’s courses for some serious vlogger inspiration.

Blogging still matters regardless of what anyone else says.

While there’s become a bigger shift towards social media campaigns, all mega-influencers will agree that the actual blog (website) must never be forgotten. Your blog is the only thing you own – the only one thing that truly belongs to you so must never neglect it.


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