Taking the leap into the blogosphere can be daunting, especially with the constant innovation of marketing techniques.

It seems that by the time you master one thing an algorithm changes and you’re back at square one.

When blogging first started becoming mainstream about 10 years ago, you could just open a Blogger.com account and call it a day. Now there are multiple places to start a blog including WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, Wix, etc. which can be a lot to keep up with.

Not to mention the social media, unique niche, and branding you need in order to stand out. Below you’ll find the ultimate checklist for emerging influencers.

Appropriate blog name

A huge mistake influencers make when picking a brand name is by going with what they’re feeling in the moment. There might be a catchy word or expression that’s trending so they throw it in their blog name, (i.e. goals, bae, literally, etc.).

As an influencer you want to choose a name that has longevity. After all, this is your brand and represents you as a whole. The opportunities for where it could take you are endless.

Keep in mind, your blog name should be something that can grow as you grow. Influencers shouldn’t settle on the first name they come up with.

An appropriate blog name requires strategy with a long-term goal in mind. If you want to turn your blog into a product line, think about what that name would look like on a tag or packaging.


Next, you want to self-host your blog with a trusted site such as Bluehost. Self-hosting allows influencers more control over their site and flexibility to do what they want.

Self-hosting means you own your blog completely. You can have multiple domains or turn your blog into an eCommerce site. It’s up to the influencer.

A service like Bluehost has all the capabilities emerging to mid-tier influencers could need for an affordable price. Bluehost also has outstanding customer support, which is especially helpful if you’re not exactly tech savvy.

Choosing the right social media

Not every influencer will have the same response from social media platforms that other influencers have. Each platform has it’s own language and becoming native in the different “languages” takes time, trial and error, and patience.

It’s best to test out different mediums to get your message heard. For example, try your hand at Instagram and Twitter at first to see how your audience responds. Perhaps they are more visual in which case Instagram would be best. Or maybe they prefer fast updates so Twitter is where you will thrive.

Once you master one platform and learn its language, you can begin to incorporate others such as Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Musical.ly, etc.

Creative, branded content

One of the most important keys to success as an influencer is having creative, well-branded content. You want to establish an aesthetic that is easily recognized by your readers and followers. This means establishing your own voice, writing style, and photography.

If your blog is about fashion you want to make sure you stick to fashionable topics. If you incorporate lots of color on your Instagram, that should be reflected on your blog as well.

Every aesthetic and creative concept has already been used so it’s important to add your own unique flare to any content you do create.

Influencers also want to make sure their content entertains, educates, and inspires their readers. The goal is always to provide value to your community in some way. 

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