There’s no doubt much attention has shifted further away from blogs and into social networks like Instagram.

As a matter of fact, you may even be inclined to think that sustaining a long-term career out of social media alone is possible – but we’re here to say otherwise. That’s not to say you should ignore social media altogether, but rather build a network of your own through YOUR blog – because at the end of the day, the only thing that absolutely belongs to you is YOUR blog!

We’ve watched social media platforms evolve rapidly through the years… For instance, Instagram pursuing Facebook’s lead of algorithms over a chronological feed – and now, the controversy of Instagram’s mysterious shadowban, resulting in decreased engagement, lower follower count, or photos deliberately removed from hashtags. While we can’t say for sure whether the speculation is real, the one thing that’s certain is your blog will never abandon you – and the one platform still putting influencers (and bloggers) first is Bloglovin’.

With an impressive user base of tens of millions, plus an impressive team of industry experts, Bloglovin’ knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes building a blog, growing an engaged audience, and maximizing your reach. With that said, we’re thrilled to announce that Azalle’s latest course is in collaboration with Bloglovin’, the world’s leading influencer marketing platform.

Bloglovin’ has been there from the beginning, helping maximize a blogger’s exposure by pushing them to the forefront of its channels and helping influencers reach a wider audience through its platform. Today, Bloglovin’ has evolved into partnering brands and influencers, giving everyone – big and small – the ability to monetize content where it may not have been possible prior.

bloglovin x azalle
Photo by Tamara Kalinic

If you’re looking to jumpstart a blog fully equipped or needing to shift some focus back into your blog, this course will be your ultimate eye-opener. The primary highlights from this course span the following topics:

The Influencer Industry Trends – Bloglovin’ in partnership with Zanita share specific insights into the industry and where it’s headed. You’ll gain useful data that can help you stay in tandem with what’s happening now and what will be happening soon.

How to Get Started with Bloglovin’ – Bloglovin’ is no longer just an RSS feed reader. Find out what’s new to the platform and how you can use it for maximum impact.

Expert Advice on Growing Your Blog – Bloglovin’s community expert gets on screen and talks to you about the evolution of the industry and what’s in store for micro-influencers. Considering she’s worked with some of the most respected bloggers, you won’t want to miss what she has to say.

Real Influencer Success Stories – Zanita Whittington of Zanita Studio, Tamara Kalinic of Glam & Glitter, and Mary Orton of Memorandum join us in this course, sharing valuable insight from years and years of blogging. Plus, get the strategies that helped propel their growth.

Content that Works & Leveraging it for Growth – We dive deep into the components that make a blog truly compelling and successful. The lessons you learn in this chapter are highly personal and actionable in today’s environment.

How to Get Featured on Bloglovin’ – Exposure is critical to growth as a blogger. Luckily, Bloglovin’ LOVES featuring influencers with a fresh and unique voice. You’ll learn about all the different ways to snag their attention and land the feature you deserve.

Ultimately, the reality of blogging today is, your blog is the only thing you own, and the competition is relentless. You’re not just competing with those in your orbit. You’re competing with every blogger in the world.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in real tactical blogging, sign up HERE today.